About The Venue

The foyer of the Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre from the top of the stairs


The Centre was built in July 2008 and is considered one of the most innovative venues in Australia.

Architecturally designed, this iconic venue comprises of two main theatres and is complemented by a number of smaller meeting rooms. The Gallery Function Room was later added to create a stylish new space.

Fast Facts

Both theatres are versatile and boast retractable seating allowing for a great deal of flexibility. WiFi is also provided throughout the Centre so you can stay connected. 

Some interesting facts: 

  • The longest truss in the building is 25 metres and weighs 20 tonne 
  • There are 3,000 cubic metres of concrete in the Entertainment Centre 
  • It took four years to build from its original concept in July 2004 until its completion in July 2008 
  • There are 24 switchboards, 1200 light fittings, 250 power outlets, 280 special purpose power outlets and 200km of cabling 
  • The stage in the Auditorium measures 15 metres wide by 11 metres deep


PAC Australia - Connecting People to Performance

The Shoalhaven Entertainment Centre is a proud member of PAC Australia, the national peak body representing and supporting performing arts presenters. PAC Australia’s vision is that all Australian communities shall actively engage in enriching performing arts experiences facilitated by their performing arts centre.

Visit the PAC website to find out more.